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Who does not like movies? And more when it comes to films with a foundation, mission and vision that make us reflect and see life in a different way. That is the beauty of a society having different points of view and helping each other and sharing.

In this directory we want to share you and want you to share with us documentaries and films with moral and ethical messages that help us in our Zero Waste path towards a better world.

We have organized them according to our tastes, relevance and motivation towards the Zero Waste movement. Obviously it is not necessary to follow this order, but it is recommended because we believe that you will understand the following better.

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Before the flood

Leonardo Di Caprio investigates in person and travels around the world showing us first-hand the current consequences of the climate change that we are all causing in a big way.

Many people can say that the Earth every time crosses through changes of era where strong changes of temperature take place, but if you investigate well you will realize that what we are living now has nothing to do with those changes.

It is not just about temperature changes. It is about destruction of the environment and depletion of resources.

We believe that it is important to know what we are doing wrong and how we can solve it. It is part of our task in this life.

Watch it on Netflix or visit the official website:

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear When we hear the word Globalisation, many people associate it with ease, immediacy or brotherhood. Reality can be very different.

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Capitalism: A love story

Source: official website.

Michael Moore undoes the daisy of capitalism and its love story with today’s society trying to find out the reasons why we continue in this system, even more after the great financial crisis that seems to have no end or solution.

This film shows us the disasters the crisis has caused, and of which we are all aware, but going deeper into the causes and consequences of both citizens and political and business.

Search and easily find on Google to see this interesting documentary.

His other documentaries are highly recommended:

Zero Waste is for me?

Zero Waste is for me?​ We all have seen these kind of images that instead of making us sensitives, making us seeing those things normal

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War on Waste

Source: ABC War on Waste official website.

Documentary made by the Australian television ABC, in which the protagonist Craig Reucassel plunges into a world of waste and trash to bring us on detail the participation of each body of society in which of course we are included.

You can watch it on the ABC official website:


Buy, Throw, Buy

Source: Planeta Documental website.

Here we recommend our favorite Spanish documentary on the subject, and more specifically on programmed obsolescence. If you have not heard about it, play it because it is a must.

Winner of the Television Academy Award in 2011, this 2010 film, directed by Cosima Dannoritzer and co-produced by Television Española, shows us the business behind consumerism.

On the official website it does not have subtitles, but try other known sources.

Tomorrow (Demain)

Source: official website of the documentary.

This film we think is the most complete we have seen in terms of living a responsible and sustainable life. It covers all the important areas of our lives by separating them with several interviews and examples of sustainable activities especially in Europe.

Unfortunately we do not know any official website where you can watch this spectacular documentary. But as they explain on their website you can write them to take it to your town.

Stop! Filming the change

Source: official Facebook page of Rodando el cambio.

Another Spanish production courtesy of La Semilla Audiovisuales (highly recommended their other documentaries). Along with ‘Tomorrow (Demain)’ is the most complete documentary we have seen to date in terms of living a responsible life with the Planet.

A team of women goes through Spain and some parts of France in search of the answer to this globalized system.

This one can be found on YouTube with subtitles in English, French and Italian, and also on Vimeo.

Blue The Film

Source: Blue The Film official website.

It tells the current situation of the industrialization of the ocean and the effects that we are causing in it with our excessive activity.

We had the opportunity to watch ‘Blue’ in cinemas half a year ago thanks to the Australian Maritime Conservation Society and left us speechless. Never before we have seen such a deep and detailed investigation of what is happening in our oceans.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand you are lucky because there are several cinemas that are showing the documentary. Check the website below.

If you are not in Australia or New Zeland, we recommend you to do everything possible to take it to your screens because it is worthwhile. Write to those responsible to publish it online even if it is paying a little as they have done with ‘Empathy’ (Empatia), a Spanish documentary, which we also recommend. But the latter is more related to the issue of food.

A Plastic Ocean

Source: official website of the movie.

In the line of Blue, perhaps it focuses more on human pollution rather than industry, so it may motivate you even more to act. It is very interesting also all the statistics and data that are detailed throughout the film. Another must-see!

We had the opportunity to see it for free at an event organized by the University of Queensland.

The good thing about this movie is that you can find it on Netflix, and you can also buy it on the official website for only $ 5.99 USD. The good thing about Netflix that you have subtitles in the language you want. If you speak English it is also advisable to rent or buy it to give your support, as we did with ‘Empathy’ (Empatia), a Spanish documentary.

Garbage Warrior

Source: Garbage Warrior official website.

For anyone who has ever thought or is thinking of building their ecological home, this is their film. Very motivating! Impressive the work of these people doing things that we often do not imagine are possible.

An inspirational example that a single person can start a big change and empower it thanks to the help of your neighbors. You do not have to wait sitting down to have a bright idea to help, you can also help people who are already making changes.

You can try to watch it in the following website. I am saying ‘try’ because in Australia it is not available. You can also check another known sources, sure you can find it.

China Blue

Source: official website of the film.


This film talks about the ‘pretty’ fashion industry.

Mass production is one of the biggest pollution problems in the world.

It shows us how globalization, our excessive consumerism and the lack of information results in whole contaminated countries and enslaved populations.

You can rent it to support here:


Source: official website of the documentary.


For those who, like us, support local production that benefits the community and family economies, and not the big multinational companies which fill their pockets of millions by exploiting their workers…this is your film.

You can find it on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Vudu and VHX.

This is their official website, where you can watch it:

Living on One Dollar Day

Source: official website of the movie.


Four young people of United States are heading to Guatemala to live in their own flesh what it means living on the edge with the minimum resources without knowing what awaits you tomorrow.

Obviously, I hope that none of us will ever find ourselves in this situation, but we go down to earth to realize how privileged most of us are, and to see that there are people who only ask to have food when most of us squander a lot on superfluous things produced in mass by exploited companions.

If we were more aware of what is happening in the world, we would support more a more equitable system in which many people do not suffer so much.

You can find it on Netflix or here:

Bikes vs Cars

Source: official website of the documentary.


It tells the struggle of citizens trying to create an inclusive urbanism of cyclists, pedestrians and cars, and not as they try to get us used to with large companies that only worry about profiting and have more power to manage everything at will.

We found it interesting to recommend this documentary because it is linked to living a ‘zero emission’, sustainable life that leads us to respect the traffic laws and to respect each other.

You can watch it on Netflix or on the following link redirected from the official website of the film:


Source: official website of the film.


“Cowspiracy may be the most important film created to inspire to save the planet” -Louie Psihoyos, Oscar Winning Director for ‘The Cove’.

This sentence summarizes everything we can say about this incredible documentary, which has been one of the most impressive we have ever seen related to our footprint on the Planet and how we greatly support with our actions the massive destruction of our home.

To watch it, Netflix or on its official website:

All these documentaries leave us a common message:

Open your mind and evolve your habits

Leave us your ‘film reviews’ below in the comments when you watch one or if you have already watched anyone or if you know another interesting one that can help us all to see life in a more intelligent way.

Note: We can not recommend illegal screenings to watch these documentaries, but whoever searches finds and often finds it easy.

Join the change!

This blog is written based on our experiences and knowledge we have got through the years.

Remember each body and home is unique and requires different times and solutions.

Beat the waste is a path of holistic transformation towards a minimalist and healthy life.