Zero Waste is for me?​

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We all have seen these kind of images that instead of making us sensitives, making us seeing those things normal and ordinary. Maybe we try to seem indifferent, we feel pain but do not act to solve that problem, to solve that pain. It is time to become aware and do our bit!

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear When we hear the word Globalisation, many people associate it with ease, immediacy or brotherhood. Reality can be very different.



I was having dinner with vegan people when the topic about living a Zero Waste lifestyle came out. This was what encouraged me to start this blog. We assumed everybody knows about Zero Waste because recycling is nowadays an old topic. Surprise! Nobody on the table bought their products from source bulk foods, and they were vegan, supposedly people trying to take care of this planet. Their reaction was “Oh no! That is too much for me. I can not even think about it”. Imagine if we tell them that we were living without fridge for 3 months.

So, vegans are empathic or not? Or just in some way, or maybe people are empathic  in the way they can. When we tell people that we are vegan, they react like “how do you do that? I can not breathe without meat”. We should open our minds and realize that sometimes we react with the same rejection we do not like.

Plant Based and Zero Waste 

When I did my utmost looking for organic, chemical free, no additives,…products, I looked for a personal good, eating the most natural as possible, and therefore being healthier, until the day I paid a lung for a blessing wholemeal organic bread in a plastic bag! –same with plastic toothpaste and shampoo containers-. At the end, my very natural products were polluted touching plastic, cardboard, etc. It was a contradictory fight.

Veganism and Zero Waste

We do not like animal badtreatment. For example, calves are separated from their mothers when they are just born. Imagine the suffering, they can feel it too, and they are more sensitive animals than we are. That is why we decided to quit consuming animal products and stop feeding that cruel industry, because nowadays we have another ways to feed ourselves without the pain and suffering of other sensitive beings, and actually are healthier for us.

But, what happen when we have tofu, dairy free chocolate, vegan beer or we run out of any cosmetics. Packages were not made to be environmentally friendly, so the products can not be called ecologic, even if they are organic.

It is here when animals are affected but in another way. They eat our packages, live surrounded by them, get trapped in them or their habitats are polluted with plastic bags, bottles, lids, boxes, toothbrushes and never ending list of human things.

I realized that my rubbish retarded all the effort I did in no damaging animals by eating them.

Omnivorous and Zero Waste 

You will say “what a nightmare these vegans! Leave me alone, I need cheese and chicken to think”.

But, wait a minute! Have you ever thought about all those synthetic fiber clothes that keep your body warm during the winter or fresh in summer?, or the microfiber clothes to do the housework that are like no other?

In fact, all those particles end in the ocean, fish confuse them with food, and in the worst of the cases they can not see them, they ingest them and the particles get stuck in their bodies.

This affects you directly because if you eat fish, you are eating plastic or at least all the pollution that was in that fish, and oceans are each day more polluted thanks to us.

First solutions 

So next time you feel stressful for taking your reusable bags to the shop, take some air and be glad to being useful helping in order to keep clean many beings home and yours too.

Join the change!

This blog is written based on our experiences and knowledge we have got through the years.

Remember each body and home is unique and requires different times and solutions.

Beat the waste is a path of holistic transformation towards a minimalist and healthy life.