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My last big Zero Waste experience in winter was desconnect the fridge. The truth is I had thought about it, but never thought that could be posible, but life goes on and green life involves you, and of course eveyone always wants more.

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Everything started when I realized that vegetables from the fridge did not taste at all, especially tomatoes. I thought was the fridge temperature, so we maximize it as much as possible, but it was not enought, it seemed the fridge was burning our fresh vegetables. So, I started to investigate other ways.

I remembered an aunt kept her potatoes, garlic and onions in a basket out of the fridge, and my mom keeps all her fruit in a trolley outside too. Therefore, the question was, why we keep the vegetables and fruits in the fridge?

Because the tomatoes was my headache, I started to research and the surprise was that the best way to keep them was…out of the fridge! What? How? I can not believe it! Then, next time I bought tomatoes I kept them outside. I could not believe it, they were delicious! The best thing was they lasted more than a week.

In winter we do not like to have cold food in order to keep our body warm. However, get rid of the fridge was utopic and more living in a tropical humid weather where it is hot the whole year, even in winter we have 20º. I thought I would have to buy each 3 days in order to have fresh fruit and veggies.

Winter without fridge

Have you ever thought how much energy spend your fridge? It depends on the age and specifications of your machine, but it can be from 20% to 30% of your house electricity, because it works 24 hours a day. They have a useful life between 10 and 15 years, but because they are still working and are expensive we do not change them.

For example: my mom changed hers after almost 30 years. Old fridges emit gases. We do not see them but they are toxic for our bodies.

In our case, if you did not eat cold food -and nothing frozen-, having the freezer empty and vegetables outside, I started to realize that I had a useless machine working the whole day. We wait to empty the leftover food and turned it off. See you! Bye! Ciao!



Did you know that the less things in your fridge the more energy it consumes to keep everything cold?

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear When we hear the word Globalisation, many people associate it with ease, immediacy or brotherhood. Reality can be very different.


Live food to feel alive

Live food to feel alive Foundations, circular economy and food are related to zero waste. We must be aware that each act and purchase impacts


My favourite Christmas Tree

My favourite Christmas Tree We are in the countdown of the lovely Christmas season, the ornaments, the lights, the Christmas carols surround us in that


Now you are propabably thinking I lost my mind and that is too much…and it can be. But do not read it and throw it away, just consider it in order to change your habits day by day. We need extreme solutions!

Save on food

When I went on holidays with my parents, we used to give our food to avoid throw it away. But we left half sauces o some beers for those unexpected visitors. In fact, we never planned turn the fridge off, even when we were not at home.

This experiment taught me how to organize what I really need to buy. I plan my week meals, and I do not mean dishes with ingredients, just what kind of food. This makes me save money too because I used to say “if we do not have it this week, we can have it next”,…false! At the end, some leftover always went to the bin. Sometimes happened that I missed one ingredient or I could not find the good one. It does not happen anymore!

The only problem was the spinach. It used to last the whole week. Now we have it the first days and no problem.


I used to leave the herbs outside the fridge soaked in glasses with water like flowers: mint, basil, coriander and parsley. I tried the same technique with broccoli and celery, but did not work. They last long without soak them.

Turn your fridge off and live fresh

One tip: It is good to have mint or smelly herbs because keep the bugs away and gives your kitchen a beautiful smell.

Do not get me wrong, we are still having the same amount of food, but now we do not throw almost anything away. Lots of people feel sad when they throw food away thinking about the thousands of mates that die every day from starvation, we feel bad too. In 3 months we just threw 4 lemons and half portion on black beans we kept for more than 2 days.

I invite you to live a more natural life without leaving the city receiving the winter taking care of our environment, saving money and having fresh and delicious veggies. We are now in Brisbane heading spring and it feels hotter. We will let you know if the heat force us go back to the civilization.

Comment if ýou dare take this small but big step and if you have any question about it.

Join the change!

This blog is written based on our experiences and knowledge we have got through the years.

Remember each body and home is unique and requires different times and solutions.

Beat the waste is a path of holistic transformation towards a minimalist and healthy life.