The infallible recipe to desinfect your home withour chemicals

The industry, solid waste like paper and plastic, and yes, of course, cleaning products are the world’s biggest water pollutants. Isn’t it contradictory? We clean our own house, but pollute everybody’s home…the Planet Earth.

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Let me explain this:

  • Cleaning products industry pollutes.
  • Packaging for cleaning products industry pollutes.
  • Get rid of packages pollutes.
  • Use cleaning products pollutes.

It is not only the visible pollution, we also suffer chemical pollution. The Euopean Union estimated that in 2001 existed 1,500 high level warning substances, from which 174 were identified as highly dangerous [1], and no one does too much because governments have interests.

Tangshan air pollution is caused by steel plants and other industrial operations, but the government has ordered the implementation of cleaning methods.

Have you ever heard of “this cancer thing is new” or “decades ago people did not die of cancer”?

This is partially thanks to industrial production growth. All these chemicals always present in the air have created an increase of people sick of cancers like leukaemia, breast, liver, kidneys, testicles, thyroid, prostate,…just to mention some of them; as well as reproductive problems, hormones alteration, foetus malformation, asthma, and more. Environmental pollution is the main cause of death in the world, before wars, starvation, HIV and natural disasters.

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear When we hear the word Globalisation, many people associate it with ease, immediacy or brotherhood. Reality can be very different.


Live food to feel alive

Live food to feel alive Foundations, circular economy and food are related to zero waste. We must be aware that each act and purchase impacts


In WHO (World Health Organization) words, 12.6 million people die of environmental unhealthiness every year.

Disinfect with vinegar

Acetic acid from vinegar removes bacteria that causes tuberculosis, intestinal infections, skin diseases, influenza A virus subtype H1N1 and E.Coli.

It is such effective than in Europe residual waters are not treated with bleach, are treated with peracetic acid which is been created from the combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. I do not use it because it makes reaction, so you need to take precautions. [2]

Clean with Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda neutralizes and removes bad odours, absorbs fat and oil stains, softens the water by removing the chlorine.

When vinegar (acid) is mixed with baking soda (base), it reacts chemically transforming into the water, sodium acetate and carbon dioxide (gas). Carbon dioxide (CO2) is responsible for bubbles formation until the final reaction.

The infallible recipe

Are you ready to avoid packaging and save a lot of money?

Since we know the theory, let’s go to practice. I use it in the following way, although there are many more.

Mix 1 liter of soap berries (you can replace it for water), 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of xanthan gum and liquefy to make a homogeneous mixture, finally add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to add aroma and tea tree which is antibiotic and antiseptic (you can replace it by adding lemon juice).

General use in the house:

  • Wash dishes.
  • Clean appliances.
  • Clean furniture.
  • Wash clothes, add vinegar instead of softener.
  • Clean the floors.
  • Clean the bathroom.

I add vinegar at the time I am going to use it, so the chemical reaction with the bicarbonate can be effective.

To clean pipes put directly baking soda in the sink and then pour vinegar until it stops making reaction.

In the bathroom spray with white undiluted vinegar, I leave it for 15 minutes and then clean adding the mixture. If you leave it overnight it serves to remove the sediment.

50% vinegar, 50% water:

  • To clean glasses.
  • Leave soaked clothes to remove yellow spots.


  • Do not use vinegar in marble because it stains.
  • You can add drops of your favorite essential oil to give it a better aroma.

Have you joined the cleanup without contaminants?

Please, share it so we can have less and less illnesses and diseases.

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