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Of course we have to thank the technological and scientific advances, but ... What if we remember how things were done before? When people went to the markets, when the producer was known, when they gave you the vegetables wrapped in paper, when the toilet paper was sold by roll and not 48 plasticized, when there were returnable containers ...


We all have seen those images of dumps where a pin does not fit anymore. We all know about the scarcity of water and how little waste is recycled and how much this process entails, but ... If we recognize ourselves as part of the problem? It will make the path to be the solution easier.


We must return to walk to our local stores, travel our cities by bicycle, consume food the Earth gives us and not chemical products packed in plastic. What if we leave those "comforts" and dare to change our habits towards a healthy light life without garbage and guilt?

Join the change!

This blog is written based on our experiences and knowledge we have got through the years.

Remember each body and home is unique and requires different times and solutions.

Beat the waste is a path of holistic transformation towards a minimalist and healthy life.