Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear

When we hear the word Globalisation, many people associate it with ease, immediacy or brotherhood. Reality can be very different… Read more

Live food to feel alive

Foundations, circular economy and food are related to zero waste. We must be aware that each act and purchase impacts both socially and ecologically… Read more

My favourite Christmas Tree

We are in the countdown of the lovely Christmas season, the ornaments, the lights, the Christmas carols surround us in that atmosphere of peace and love, where related to decoration the Christmas tree is the star… Read more 

The infallible recipe to disinfect your home without chemicals

The industry, solid waste like paper and plastic, and yes, of course, cleaning products are the world’s biggest water pollutants. Isn’t it contradictory? We clean our own house, but pollute everybody’s home…the Planet Earth… Read more

How to save 30% of your electricity invoice

My last big Zero Waste experience in winter was desconnect the fridge. The truth is I had thought about it, but never thought that could be posible, but life goes on and green life involves you, and of course eveyone always wants more… Read more

Zero Waste is for me?

We all have seen these kind of images that instead of making us sensitives, making us seeing those things normal and ordinary. Maybe we try to seem indifferent, we feel pain but do not act to solve that problem, to solve that pain. It is time to become aware and do our bit!… Read more

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