We have convened here to save our beautiful planet, our home, from the fierce and overwhelming consumerist twister in which we are involved day by day in every place we live or visit or every corner we pass by. 

We are Mariana and Alvaro, and this blog was born basically from our daily life. We frankly and deeply believe that we, as beings, came here to make a better world, not to destroy it. Therefore, each day we try to improve and evolve in every aspect of our lives; and our health and the Planet health is our priority and the most important thing in life. That is why we are always trying to think how to buy less, use less and avoid things or habits which are not really necessary to live a healthy, happy, respectful and full life.

We want to share with all of you our experience and knowledge, because we are always doing research and testing; ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. And when you want something you want more, and what is wrong when it is something good and respectful for everyone and for the whole world.

In conclusion, we would love you to check and experience, and even improve, our tips in your own home and daily life and share them with everybody, so that would make this world a cleaner, more respectful, happier place with more love…all we need. No tomorrow or when the government or this girl or that guy change something, but right now because the change is inside each of us, each individual that makes a society. So you can start in this precise moment to…


Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear

Globalisation, buy cheap pay dear When we hear the word Globalisation, many people associate it with ease, immediacy or brotherhood. Reality can be very different.

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Live food to feel alive

Live food to feel alive Foundations, circular economy and food are related to zero waste. We must be aware that each act and purchase impacts

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My favourite Christmas Tree

My favourite Christmas Tree We are in the countdown of the lovely Christmas season, the ornaments, the lights, the Christmas carols surround us in that

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Join the change!

This blog is written based on our experiences and knowledge we have got through the years.

Remember each body and home is unique and requires different times and solutions.

Beat the waste is a path of holistic transformation towards a minimalist and healthy life.